Additive manufacturing (AM) consulting firm Wohlers Associates has announced the launch of the Wohlers Audio Series, sharing insights from industry experts on creative ways of applying AM and 3D printing processes and perspectives on where they are headed.

The first episode is a conversation between Terry Wohlers, founder and president, and Noah Mostow, director of market intelligence and publications, both of Wohlers Associates. They touch on the origin of the Wohlers Report and views on what the future might look like. The report was first published 26 years ago and serves as the undisputed industry-leading report on AM and 3D printing worldwide.

The Wohlers Audio Series will include a wide range of subjects, such as the development and adoption of materials for AM. For three decades, photopolymers have been the dominant material. Over the past five years, polymer powders for powder bed fusion have caught up with photopolymers. The values in the vertical axis represent millions of dollars in revenue from these materials. Wohlers Associates expects polymer powders to overtake photopolymers as the dominant AM material over the next couple of years as series production applications increase.

Wohlers is part of a unique group of experts who have been following the AM industry since its inception. In the new podcast, Wohlers Associates will be talking with people from around the world on new developments and trends in AM. You can find the first episode at Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, and at the Wohlers Associates website.