Melbourne-based 3D Printing Studios has been working with state governments and health departments to produce medical nasal and throat swabs used in COVID-19 test kits.

The process of developing a swab that not only collects the mucus but also allows for the mucus to be transferred for testing has taken several weeks to develop.

“We tried several different 3D-printed designs obtained from Harvard Medical School and finally came up with a simple design that is flocked with a safe nylon material,” said Howard Wood & Stuart Grover, joint-CEOs and founders of 3D Printing Studios. “The design, coupled with the EOS P 396 industrial 3D printer for plastic parts will allow us to produce thousands of these medical swabs per day.”

South Australian Pathology has tested the latest 3D printed swabs and has given the green light on their use. This makes 3D Printing Studios the only Australian company to manufacture medical nasal swabs, essential products in the fight against COVID-19. This will reduce the need to import these vital products while bringing manufacturing back to Australia.