22 Johnston Court
Dandenong South Victoria 3175

Telephone: +61 3 8753 7916
Email: dinesh.harwad@eximengineering.com.au
Website: www.eximengineering.com.au

Key Contacts

Dinesh Harwad - Director

Email: dinesh.harwad@eximengineering.com.au  |  Telephone: +61 417 589 945 | Mobile:


Exim Engineering is a leading metal stamping and metal fabrication company with over 33 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and operation of press tools, jigs and fixtures. Established in 1987, Exim Engineering has evolved to become a reliable and essential metal stamping business which supplies over 100 high-quality products to many Australian building, transport, packaging, lock manufacturing and automotive companies.

Exim Engineering operates advanced machinery to supply customers with effective, durable and low-cost manufacturing at high speeds (up to 140 strokes per minute). We primarily specialise in sheet metal pressed components and welded subassemblies. Our expertise continues to adapt and expand as we provide subassemblies solutions, engineered fabrications, specialised custom-built projects, auto coil feed pressings, perforated metal stampings, tooling consultations, designing services and manufacturing of fixtures as well as press tools. Our widespread market delivery ensures that we are proficient and capable to meet the needs and exceed expectations of the manufacturing industry in all domains.

Exim’s foundational business philosophy is efficient and productive execution. We strive towards producing tailored products for our clientele in an efficacious manner. Our team at Exim remain committed to growth as we target 100% customer satisfaction through the dynamic manufacturing of cost-effective and high-grade products.