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Key Contacts

Mr Anthony Lele - Commercial & Sales

Email: a.lele@amprogroup.com.au  |  Telephone: | Mobile: 0402 084 656


AmPro Innovations designs, engineers and manufactures  advanced 3D metal printing systems for the aerospace  industry.

The specific focus is on the Selective Laser Melting (SLM) 3D  metal printing process where advanced materials for high  performance industries are required.

AmPro Innovations has the deep expertise in materials  science required and the proven track record to successfully  convert the SLM printing process into aerospace certified parts. This extensive knowledge has been complemented with world class machine design, software development and  laser control strategies to engineer and deliver solutions the  rapidly growing industry is seeking.

AmPro Innovations has developed a ‘Powder to Part’ SLM  process suite including printers and auxiliary equipment for global markets and advanced industries requiring AM solutions for manufacturing.

Implementing AM solutions for manufacturing requires  expertise and competencies across the full ‘value chain’ to  assist customers fully realise the benefits. AmPro  Innovations has developed tailored software and consulting  solutions for these important needs, to incorporate a full  ‘End to End’ solution offering.

Our partner company in the PRC provides precision  manufacturing and assembly, including access to the fastest  growing market in the world.



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