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Port Melbourne Victoria 3207

Telephone: 03 9646 3331
Email: info@sententbionics.com
Website: www.sentientbionics.com

Key Contacts

Mr Paul Boxer - Managing Director

Email: info@sententbionics.com  |  Telephone: 03 9646 3331 | Mobile:


Sentient Bionics was founded in Melbourne with a vision to develop low cost, highly dexterous robotic hands that can be used by both individuals and companies to improve people’s lives. With over five years of research and development, Sentient Bionic’s Hand has taken advantage of cutting edge rapidly developing manufacturing technologies to produce a high performing product, at a highly competitive price.
Sentient Bionics also offer consultation and contract design work for projects relating to robotic manipulators, computer vision and prototyping.


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