Additive Manufacturing Hub case study: Advatek Lighting
When Advatek Lighting needed to develop a housing for a new digital LED control system, it turned to the Additive Manufacturing Hub for assistance. Advatek Lighting is a small business dedicated to developing innovative, world-class control systems for decorative LED lighting.  Read more

Additive manufacturing lights the way forward for Burn Brite
When Ampcontrol Burn Brite set about developing a polymer moulding component for a new safety lighting product for underground coal mines, it decided to explore the potential of 3D printing, with support from AMTIL’s Additive Manufacturing Hub (AM Hub). Read more

Robovoid: Using additive manufacturing to support construction innovation
When Victorian start-up Robovoid Pty Ltd needed to develop sophisticated new tooling for its innovative new concrete construction system, it turned to 3D printing – and AMTIL’s Additive Manufacturing Hub – to find a solution. Robovoid Pty Ltd was established in July 2018 by Dr John Stehle and Scott Olding for the specific purpose to research, develop and commercialise Stehle’s Robovoid Invention. Read more

Sentient Bionics gets a helping hand from the AM Hub
When Sentient Bionics required rapid production of prototype parts for its new robotic hand project, it turned to AMTIL’s Additive Manufacturing Hub (AM Hub) for assistance. Based in Port Melbourne, Sentient Bionics has been developing anthropomorphic robotic grippers for more than half a decade. Read more

SHOC: 3D printing the perfect fit for visor upgrade
Sports equipment manufacturer SHOC was encountering problems with one of its key products: a visor for American football helmets. Working with AMTIL’s Additive Manufacturing Hub (AM Hub), it found a solution in 3D printing. Read more