AMTIL’s Additive Manufacturing Hub (AM Hub) Design assisted in the development of new electronic hardware for Additive Assurance’s sensor device for in-process quality assurance monitoring of metal 3D-printed parts.

Additive Assurance has developed a novel quality assurance system for metal additive manufacturing (AM). The technique aims to enable qualification of metal additive manufactured parts across multiple industries, allowing for serial production and unharnessing the full potential of Additive Manufacturing.

Additive Assurance’s solution involves a sensor package that can be retrofitted to additive manufacturing equipment and combines with software to interpret the data and monitor the build in real-time. An early prototype of the sensor package was produced and tested on several additive manufacturing machines successfully. A commercial version of the sensor package, AMiRIS, is being developed for use in industrial settings.

Project scope

The electrical components within the Additive Assurance sensor unit were becoming increasingly complex, particularly with the introduction of autofocus capabilities to ensure each sensor is correctly focused on the 3D printing process. The AM Hub’s Build it Better voucher program allowed Additive Assurance to engage with Outer Space Design (OSD), a registered service provider as part of the scheme, to gain access to qualified electrical engineers experienced with this complexity.

Additive Assurance outlined the requirements for the electronics hardware – both in terms of its physical size and required functionality. OSD was then engaged to redesign the componentry integration of the hardware, specifically the Power Control and Sensor PCBA (PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD ASSEMBLY). This involved reviewing the sensors/connections used in the prototype and replacing these with more robust industrial equivalents and updating the designs to allow power distribution via the PCBA.

Project outcome

OSD produced two working control boards, as well as providing the schematics and full bill of materials (BoM) ready for scale production. The boards were fully tested and accepted by Additive Assurance.

By outsourcing this specialised electronic engineering design work to OSD, Additive Assurance has significantly decreased the time to complete the design of its entire sensor unit. Ultimately this enabled Additive Assurance to get a commercial solution to market far sooner than would have been otherwise possible.

Additive Assurance has already placed an order to have a number of the boards produced using the OSD design. Additive Assurance will place them within the new AMiRIS sensor unit, currently planned to be built and assembled in Melbourne.

“We are very grateful to both AMTIL and the Victorian Government for the support they have shown Additive Assurance through the Build it Better program” said Marten Jurg, CEO of Additive Assurance. “We found working with OSD, which is also based here in Melbourne, both most convenient and enjoyable. This grant has allowed us to accelerate work on our sensor, which is a crucial part of our monitoring technology.

“We believe that our in-process quality assurance solution will enable a significant growth in the additive manufacturing industry both in Australia and world-wide, create jobs in the manufacturing sector and strengthen Australia’s sovereign capabilities and expertise in additive manufacturing.”

The AM Hub is an initiative delivered by AMTIL in partnership with the Victorian State Government to promote the adoption of additive manufacturing technology. For more information, please contact John Croft, AM Hub Manager, on 03 9800 3666 or email