The AM Hub is excited to announce our Additive Manufacturing Hub Industry Advisory Committee members.

Prof. Milan Brandt – Technical Director – Advanced Manufacturing Precinct, RMIT University
Milan is the leading Australian researcher in the areas of 3D printing both metal and polymer and laser macro processing including laser cladding, cutting, drilling and welding.   This has resulted in technological achievements, patents, research papers and commercial products, which have been recognized internationally and nationally in both scientific and industrial circles. He has commercialized the results of his research and also actively promoted the benefits of 3D printing to Australian industry through invited presentations, conference papers and industry seminars. Professor Brandt initiated and chaired several international conferences and workshops and has extensive links with many international researchers and organisations. He is a Board member and fellow of the Laser Institute of America and honorary fellow of Weld Australia.    The RMIT Advanced Manufacturing Precinct is the largest Australian 3D printing and machining facility covering the full spectrum of metal and polymer printers together with high-end 5 and 6 axis CNC equipment.

Michael Bouchier – General Manager & Owner, Amiga Engineering
Michael is a passionate proponent of Australian manufacturing. His business, Amiga Engineering started thirty years ago as a pipe fitting and flange shop and has recently expanded to include metal additive manufacturing capability. Michael believes additive manufacturing is the key to Australia’s future manufacturing industry and has determinedly pursued creating and developing the additive manufacturing capability within his business.

Mike Brown – Managing Director, Renishaw Oceania
Mike Brown is a seasoned manufacturing professional, with more than 25 years of experience in the sector. His expertise includes plastic and metal additive manufacturing, industrial metrology and calibration, manufacturing process control, and motion transducer technology. Mike is currently Managing Director of Renishaw Oceania; Renishaw is a global manufacturing and engineering firm that produce metal 3D printers. During Mike’s tenure as Managing Director, Mike and his team have grown the metal additive manufacturing capability in Australia to significant scale, and are well known in the region for their excellence in service and technical support.

Julia Cameron Manufacturing Group Leader & Partner, Rigby Cooke Lawyers
Julia works closely with local and international clients in the manufacturing, health and technology industries. Julia’s expertise includes: corporate transactions and mergers and acquisitions, commercial agreements, intellectual property for commercialization and licensing, capital raising, and privacy law. Julia has a specific interest in technology and IP commercialisation in the manufacturing sector. Julia also sits on the board of Next Steps Australia Limited, a Melbourne-based not-for-profit charity which supplies women and families affected by family violence with manchester packages when they have been forced to leave the family home.

Jakes Mantle Product Manager, SYSPRO

Jakes’ working life began with a variety of casual semi-permanent jobs while studying towards an accounting qualification. He worked as Financial Accountant, then a Cost and Management Accountant, before the SYSPRO Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) love affair began 25+ years ago.  Since then Jakes has concentrated on successfully helping distribution and manufacturing businesses simplify their success with ERP implementation. Jakes’ main passion in life is to create a solution for the customer that ensures their success, from ERP solutions to business process improvements. Jakes’ live his life by the motto “Miracles we do now, Impossibilities take just a little longer”.

Simon Marriott – Director, GoProto (ANZ)
Simon is a highly experienced senior executive with more than 20 years experience in advanced manufacturing. He is considered a pioneer in the additive manufacturing space, establishing Australia’s first 3D printing service bureau in 1993. More recently he held the position of Vice President of 3D Systems Asia Pacific, a leading global provider of 3D content-to-print solutions including personal, professional and production 3D printers. He was also Managing Director of Amaero Engineering Pty Ltd, an additive manufacturer of aerospace components, and Director of Cetus Energy Pty Ltd, a developer of renewable power products. Most recently he was the Managing Director of the Advanced Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre (CRC), and currently sits on the Board of the Innovative Manufacturing CRC.

Neil Matthews Head of Research and Technology, RUAG Australia
Neil has been pioneering the use of additive manufacturing including Supersonic Particle Deposition (SPD) (also known Cold Spray) since 2004 and more recently Laser Additive Deposition (LAD). In addition to holding a number of SPD patents, Neil has also co-authored leading journal papers, co-edited a book, and has been an invited speaker on additive manufacturing both in Australia and internationally on a number of occasions. Neil’s work at RUAG has focused on releasing certified additively manufactured restored or enhanced aerospace components back into service. TO date more than fifty components have been released. Neil holds an Aeronautical Engineering Degree and a Master of Science in Aircraft Design.

Matt Minio Managing Director, Objective3D
Matt has extensive hands on experience as a user and supplier of 3D Printing technology. He comes from a mechanical design and engineering background with more than 25 years’ experience in multiple high end 3D cad applications across a range of industries, including aerospace and automotive. He has been heavily involved in the 3D printing evolution – from initial early prototyping to todays advanced 3d printing technologies producing production parts straight off the printer. As Managing Director of Objective 3D, he provides Stratasys, Desktop Metal and Concept Laser 3D printing solutions to a host of industries across Australia and New Zealand.

Dr Leon PrenticeResearch Director – Metal Industries, CSIRO
Leon is a chartered chemical engineer with a focus on process development and scale-up.  He holds postgraduate degrees in biomaterials (PhD, Melbourne) and Process Technology and Management (MSc, Strathclyde).  Leon worked in hydrometallurgical R&D before spending several years in biomaterials and process R&D for an Australian manufacturing company.

Since 2007 Leon has been a Senior Research Engineer at CSIRO in Clayton, Victoria, working on novel technologies for a range of applications, including the extractive metallurgy of light metals (particularly Mg and Ti), clean energy, and manufacturing informatics.  His particular interests include high-temperature gas-solid reactions, process safety, appropriate/sustainable technology, and commercialisation. Leon is an active member of the Joint (EA Chemical College and IChemE in Australia) Victorian Chemical Engineering Committee and is the Victorian representative on both national boards.

Dr Matthew Young -Manufacturing Innovation Manager – IMCRC
Matthew is a composites and metals manufacturing expert with 17 years experience in leadership and project management in the aerospace industry. This was preceded by nine years in metals processing industrial research, development and implementation. Prior to that he was Chief Engineer for Materials and Process Technology at Jiangsu Hengshen Co. Ltd., China’s largest vertically integrated carbon fibre composites materials manufacturer. He also held several lead engineering and manufacturing roles over a 14-year term at Boeing Aerostructures Australia. Dr Young holds an Engineering degree in Metallurgy (Honours) from UNSW and a Doctor of Philosophy in Materials Engineering from Monash University.