Henkel has released a range of next-generation materials designed to enable and optimise 3D printing and manufacturing processes according to required functionalities and designs.

The materials were launched at Formnext 2018, the leading trade show for additive manufacturing technologies, in Frankfurt in November. Henkel was appearing at Formnext for the first time ever, presenting a variety of differentiated new engineering resin platforms: General Purpose, Flexible, High Temperature, Durable High Impact, Ultra Clear and Silicone Elastomeric.

The company showcased its growing solution portfolio for end-to-end-processes. As an enabler for the resins, Henkel also introduced its new Loctite 3D Printer and equipment for functional prototyping applications at an entry-level. For small-run production and industrial manufacturing of final parts the company is collaborating with technology leaders such as HP and others.

Henkel also launched its first General Bonding Kit for 3D Printing applications. The kit consists of Loctite 3D Printing Universal Bonder and the Loctite 3D Printing Instant Bonder, as well as activators, primers and cleaning products. The kit aims to easily support customers in bonding prototyping parts for the most-known 3D printing technologies. Henkel also offers bonding solutions for the industrial series production of 3D-printed parts. The company also plans to set-up bonding trainings for industrial users via tutorials and webinars soon.

“Formnext is an ideal platform to strengthen our positioning as partner for end-to-end 3D printing processes – for prototyping as well as for applications in the production of final parts”, explained Philipp Loosen, Head of 3D Printing at Henkel.