AMTIL’s Additive Manufacturing Hub (AM Hub) has welcomed two major new members: the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) and the Automotive Innovation Centre (AIC).

Founded in 1980, the AAAA is a national industry association representing Australia’s automotive aftermarket, including manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, importers and retailers of automotive parts and accessories, tools and equipment. The AAAA also provides vehicle service, repair and modification services in Australia. With 2,250 members ranging from large multi-national corporations to small and medium-sized businesses, the AAAA hosts the Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo and the Australian Auto Aftermarket Awards, offers input on government policy, and publishes nine Australian Auto Aftermarket magazines each year.

The AAAA developed the idea for the AIC in 2013 and, having secured grant funding from the Government in 2018, two sites were opened in Australia, one in Victoria and one in South Australia, after these states witnessed the closure of two large auto manufacturing sites.

The AIC boasts three 3D printers that offer three different technologies – MJF, SLA, and FDM – and therefore three different capabilities. Each printer has a unique strength: one is best for larger volumes; one excels with incredibly detailed smaller parts; and one is perfect for very strong parts. This means the AIC can provide a more flexible service offering that is better suited to each customer’s application needs.

“We are proud to offer to companies all of the benefits of our newly established additive manufacturing facility,” said AIC Managing Director Luke Truskinger. “The AIC is looking forward to assisting more companies with their innovative projects. Certainly, having the only colour HP MJF printer in Australia allows us to provide a niche service to those with boutique requirements.

“We are also getting ready to run training courses on additive manufacturing to help keep the industry abreast of the new technologies and even help them to add additive manufacturing capability to their own company if they so wish.

“Here at the AIC, we are very pleased to be partnering with the AM Hub and look forward to connecting with and helping more Victorian companies to reach their goals through the use of innovative additive manufacturing technology.”

John Croft, AM Hub manager, welcomed the AAAA and the AIC, and is eagerly anticipating working with Truskinger and AAAA CEO Stuart Charity.

“We are looking forward to collaborating with the AAAA and the AIC to further encourage the use of additive in automation,” said Croft. “New technologies such as additive lay the path for an exciting future for the automotive aftermarket industry. We aim to further support the expansion of the automotive aftermarket products manufactured by businesses that specialise in advanced manufacturing in Australia.”